Account Policy

This document describes the policy for RCC accounts. Every RCC user has an account separate from their primary FSUID account. The RCC account is managed by RCC staff.

Faculty Accounts

All FSU Faculty are eligible to create an RCC account. Faculty accounts are created within 24 hours of the application being submitted.

Faculty members are eligible to sponsor accounts for non-faculty users. See details below under Sponsored Accounts and Sponsored Account Password Expiration.

Non-FSU faculty, including students and researchers outside of FSU must indicate the name of a faculty member who can sponsor their account during registration. That faculty member must already have an active RCC account.

Before we approve a sponsored account, the sponsor must first approve the request. Our system will automatically generate an email to the faculty sponsor, and that person can automatically approve the account via email.

We void all accounts requests that have not been approved after 30 days. In this case, the person requesting the sponsored account must re-apply.

Outside Collaborators

People who are not FSU Employees or students may signup for a Sponsored Account (see section above) only if they are collaborating with FSU faculty on research being conducted at FSU.

These types of accounts are intended for people who are collaborating with FSU faculty or students for research purposes. We reserve the right to cancel any account that is not being used for FSU business.

Password Expiration

All RCC users must change their password at least once every 180 days. Failure to change your password within 180 days will result in an email warning. Failure to change your password within 200 days will result in your account being locked.

If your account has been locked, you must contact RCC support staff to request that the lock be removed from your account. RCC staff will unlock accounts within 24 hours of a request, so long as the request has been approved.

If no unlock request is made with 180 days of an account being locked, RCC staff will permanently remove the account and all data owned by the account. After an account is removed, you must re-apply for an account to gain access to RCC resources again.

To summarize:

  • After 180 days of not changing your password, we will send a reminder email.
  • After 200 days of not changing your password, we will lock your account.
  • After 360 days of not changing your password, we will permanently delete your account from RCC, along with all data stored on RCC systems.

For those faculty accounts that are sponsoring other accounts, we will take additional action when a password expires:

  • 20 days after a the faculty account is locked, all sponsored accounts that have indicated that faculty member as their sponser will receive an email warning.
  • 90 days after a the faculty account is locked, all sponsored accounts that have indicated that faculty member as their sponsor will also be locked. Sponsored accounts will be unable to unlock their account until the faculty account is unlocked.
  • 160 days after a faculty account is removed, all sponsored accounts that have indicated that faculty member as their sponsor will also be removed.

Account Holder Responsibilites

Each RCC Account may only be used by the person who registered for the account. Each RCC account holder is responsible for keeping his or her login credentials secret. This includes, but is not limited to, passwords and private SSH certifciates.

Users are not permitted to share their account credentials with anyone. Maintinaing individual accounts helps us account for usage and allows us to maintain a more secure system.

RCC staff provide mechanisms for sharing data with lab members or collaborators, and are willing to assist on a case-by-base basis to ensure that users can collaborate without the necessity of account sharing.

Failure to maintain the confidentiality of an account will result in the following actions:

  • We will lock the offending user's account and require the user to change his or her password. The account will only be re-enabled after writen approvel from the RCC Director. If the account is a sponsored account, the Director may contact the faculty sponsor and wait for acknowledgment of receipt by the sponsor before the account is re-enabled.
  • After a second incident, the HPC Advisory Panel Chair will be requierd to provide written approval before RCC staff can re-enable the account.
  • If more than two incidents occur, the HPC Advisory Panel will determine whether account privileges on RCC resources will be terminated permanently.