Storage Overview

This page describes the storage systems available at RCC and how to use them.

At A Glance

  • HPC Storage (GPFS) - The primary parallel storage system available on the High Performance Computing Cluster and Spear
    • Each user is entitled to 150gb of personal storage space in their home directory (/gpfs/home/[username]).
    • Certain research groups have access to dedicated volumes in the /gpfs/research volume.
    • Transfer data to and from GPFS using Globus or SFTP
  • Research Archival Storage - A low-cost, long-term storage platform for "at rest" research data
    • Archival storage is available for purchase at a lower rate than HPC storage (GPFS) service.
    • Use Globus to transfer data to and from system from anywhere on the Internet
    • Transfer data to and from GPFS using Globus or SFTP on-campus
    • Ideal for custom applications with the need for large unstructured data storage.  Examples:
      • Storage of unstructured data like image, video, or raw data files.
      • Storage of backup files, database dumps, and log files

Accessing Filesystems

You can access HPC Storage (GPFS) by using Globus or SFTP/SCP/RSYNC to log in to

Our cluster supports a 40Gb/s uplink to our HPC Storage (GPFS) and a 20Gb/s uplink to our Research Archival Storage.  This is exponentially faster than accessing our storage systems via Login Nodes or Spear nodes.