Intro to HPC and MOAB Scheduler Workshop

New to the HPC? Want to learn how to submit jobs, manage them, and generally use the HPC Cluster? This workshop covers the basics.

RCC Operations Manager, Paul van der Mark will provide an interactive workshop that covers the following topics:

  • Getting an RCC account
  • Logging into to the HPC
  • Compiling code to run on the HPC
  • Submitting jobs to the MOAB Scheduler
  • Checking on and manipulating queued and running jobs
  • Getting output from your jobs

Workshop Format

This is an interactive, hands-on workshop. The workshop will take place in a fully-equipped classroom laboratory with furnished computers. Attendees may bring their own notebook computers, but this will not be necessary.


The location of these workshops is Dirac Science Library Room 150-K (map). NOTE: The entrance is located on the southeast corner of the building, across from the Oceanography building next to the parking garage. Use that entrance, not the main library entrance.


This workshop will be led by RCC Operations Manager and Interim Director, Paul van der Mark, PhD. Dr. van der Mark has been managing operations for the FSU High Performance Computing Cluster since 2007. He has served in a number of capacities within the RCC and is currently directing both operations and general management of the department.