Singularity Workshop

This workshop will present all of the necessary information for you to begin using Singularity Containers on the HPC.

From the website:

Singularity enables users to have full control of their environment. Singularity containers can be used to package entire scientific workflows, software and libraries, and even data. This means that you don’t have to ask your cluster admin to install anything for you - you can put it in a Singularity container and run.

In addition, Singularity containers can be packaged for re-use on many different computing clusters, making your job environment portable, shareable, and re-usable.


We'll cover the following in this workshop:

  • Introduction to the concept of containers and Singularity
  • How to create Singularity images
  • How to pull and run pre-packaged Singularity images from Singularity Hub
  • How to convert Docker images to Singularity
  • MPI and Singularity
  • Container portability (we demonstrate how to run containers on both the FSU HPC and Open Science Grid with minimal effort)

Workshop Format

This is an interactive, hands-on workshop. It will be held in a fully-equipped classroom laboratory with computers. Attendees may bring their own notebook computers, but this will not be necessary.


This workshop is led by RCC Application Specialists Prasad Maddumage (PhD) and Donny Shrum.  Prasad and Donny have led the effort to make Singularity available at FSU.


The location of this workshops is Dirac Science Library Room 152 (map). NOTE: The entrance is located on the southeast corner of the building, across from the Oceanography building next to the parking garage. Use that entrance, not the main library entrance.