The Research Computing Center support projects that result in published academic papers.

The following publications have resulted from work done in partnership with the RCC.

Publication List

  1. Accurate Calculations of Binding, Folding, and Transfer Free Energies by a Scaled Generalized Born Method Harianto Tjong and Huan-Xiang Zhou Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation (2008)
  2. "Safety Assessment of Wheelchair Occupants in Paratransit Buses" Cezary Bojanowski, Leslaw Kwasniewski, Jerry Wekezer International Journal of Human Modeling and Simulation (2008)
  3. An Enzymatic Atavist Revealed in Dual Pathways for Water Activation D. Min, H. Josephine, H. Li, C. Lakner, I. Macpherson, G. Naylor, D. Swofford, L. Hedstrom, W. Yang PLoS Biology, Vol. 6, No. 8 (2008)
  4. Numerical calculation of the combinatorial entropy of partially ordered ice Bernd A. Berg and Wei Yang The Journal of Chemical Physics Vol. 127, No. 22 (2007)
  5. To Jump or Not To Jump? Cα Hydrogen Atom Transfer in Post-cleavage Radical-Cation Complexes B. J. Bythell J. Phys. Chem. A (2012)