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Lustre/Spear Service Restored

Thank you for your patience while we completed our Lustre upgrade. The Lustre and Spear systems are now online and available for use.

We are now running a new, vendor-supported version of Lustre. There was no direct upgrade path to this version, so we had to backup all of the data to a temporary storage system, perform the upgrade, and then do a full restore the new system. The final data transfer of 155 terabytes took approximately three weeks.

RCC Server Keys are Changing

We are standardizing the SSH host keys across all of our systems. Our server signature keys will change TODAY (August 24) at 4PM.

In the past, our host keys changed frequently; for example, after a system upgrade. With this update, we will standardize our keys, and make them predictable and consistent. Since keys will not change after this update, it will be easier to verify that you are connecting to a legitimate server and not being exploited via a man-in-the-middle attack.

HPC Maintenance complete on Monday ; Spear/Lustre delayed

The maintenance period for the HPC upgrade will be complete on Monday morning at 9am. At this time, the HPC will be online and available to all users.

The Spear and Lustre upgrade is unfortunately delayed. The new Lustre system is installed and running, but it is taking a long time to complete copying data onto the system. We began the copy procedure on August 8, and it is now 67% complete.

As soon as the Lustre copy is complete, we will send out a notice. If it is delayed by more than one additional week, we will let you know.

HPC Upgrade

We are planning the annual HPC maintenance period for this summer. This maintenance will occur in stages between July 25 and August 19.