Condor Maintenance - Jul 21 - Aug 1

The Condor cluster will be offline the week of July 28th through August 1. New job submissions will be disabled one week earlier on July 21st at 8am. Jobs that were previously submitted and still running on July 28th may be terminated, since most of the Condor nodes will be rebooted on this date.

During this maintenance period, we will begin replacing our oldest compute nodes with more recent machines. The first step in this process is to remove a number of old nodes that were implemented in 2007. These will be replaced in the coming weeks with newer and more powerful nodes.


Old Nodes New Nodes
Circa 2007 Circa 2009
~90 Nodes ~200 nodes
4-Core AMD CPUs 8-Core AMD CPUs

In summary, we will be adding more than 400 faster and more powerful cores to the system. However, the new resources will not be available immediately following this maintenance period. We will be adding the new resources over the next few weeks. Keep an eye on our website for when these resources will be fully implemented.