Improved Account Management

We've improved our account management and signup pages.

Greetings RCC Users,

We've made some changes to the account management section of our website. Our goal is to make it easier to manage your account, reset your password, and sign-up new users.

A few noteworthy changes include:

  • Our new signup form allows users to request access to groups and queues when they signup (/account/signup).
  • Our password reset form is now easier to use, and allows you to reset via FSUID or Email.
  • You can now approve or deny sponsorship, queue, and group requests.

More changes to come:

  • Ability to enroll and remove users in groups and queues that you manage.
  • More and better statistics, including queue stats and Panasas stats.
  • Ability to manage your enrollment in our newsletters and notice lists.
  • Constantly improving user interface

Check out the account management.

If you have any feedback, we'd be glad to hear it: