Spear Cluster

Interactive Computing and Visualization

The Spear Cluster is designed to facilitate interactive data analyses and visualization of large datasets. The Spear Cluster is made up of individual servers linked together by high performance networks. In addition, eight of the Spear nodes are connected to GPU accelerators. Users log directly into Spear nodes and run jobs interactively through a basic shell or X11-based systems. An optional load balancing system for general access and owner-based Spear nodes can be used to spread usage evenly over Spear resources.

The systems offer an excellent alternative to running software interactively on the HPC cluster submission nodes. Spear nodes are also useful when it is impractical to download and locally store large data sets, a group needs interactive access to common data sets, or when technical challenges related to the installation and maintenance of systems and application software make it impractical to manage a local workstation.

Spear nodes mount both the HPC Lustre and Panasas file systems, which puts your data sets close to high end computing resources.

The Spear system is available to all FSU faculty and staff. For those research groups which require more resources, RCC offers dedicated Spear Resources.


Compute Nodes22
CPU Cores288
GPU Cores7,168
Peak TeraFlops (inc/GPUs)19.68
Storage SystemLustre (TeraScala)
IB InterconnectsQDR (Storage)
IP Interconnects1 & 10 Gbps

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