Large Scale Data Storage

RCC supports three cost effective data storage systems to facilitate data analysis pipelines and workflows: NoleStor, Lustre, and Panasas

Panasas (HPC)

Panasas data storage is available on HPC login nodes, all HPC compute nodes, and Spear nodes. Panasas is the primary HPC data storage system. We provide all users with 100GB of free space on the Panasas file system. To access this space, simply login to the HPC. Your Panasas space is your home directory on the HPC login node.

The Panasas filesystem is connected to the HPC via a high-throughput Infiniband network. It is designed to support rapid I/O for HPC processing.

Lustre (TeraScala)

Lustre is available on Spear nodes, Condor nodes, Panasas nodes, and instruments for data acquisition. Lustre is the primary Spear data storage system. We provide all users with 100GB of free space on the Lustre file system.


NoleStor is a general purpose, long-term archival and object-based storage system. The system is also linked with similar installations throughout the Florida University System through SSERCA, making sharing data for collaborative research possible.

More Information about NoleStor

Transferring Files to and from Lustre and Panasas

You can transfer files to and from the RCC filesystems using SFTP. Globus is also available as a read-only option.

Connect to files on the Lustre file system by connecting to Spear in your SFTP client:

Connect to files on the Panasas (PanFS) file system by connecting to HPC in your SFTP client:

Backup and Replication

All of our storage systems are deployed using fault-tolerant, highly available hardware configurations which include failover and RAID protection. However, RCC does not currently provide replication or backup services in the event that data becomes corrupted or catastrophic system failure occurs.

We strongly advise that you keep a copy of your data on a separate system or storage device. You can automate the backup process using Cron, SFTP, or Globus.

For NoleStor, we offer the option to purchase automated data replication to other Universities in Florida. If you wish to learn more about that option, please contact us.